A Year on Film: Best of 2017

Okay so I’m slightly cheating on this one, its not quite ‘a year’ on film but, I have been shooting a roll of film each month for 6 months now. Since I started my month on film series back in June, I’ve really loved documenting what I’ve got up to and enjoyed being able to look back at each month. I thought looking back at some of my fave images would be a lovely way to round up 2017.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve grown more and more in love with film photography, there’s just something about the results it produces that digital photography just doesn’t match up to. I started back in June after I borrowed (without planning to ever give back) my Dad’s old Olympus mju – ii point and shoot camera.


My camera’s first outing was to Leeds, to visit the above lovely lady for much needed catch ups.


My next favourite photo is the memorial street art in Stevenson square. It was painted in the days after the tragic bombing in Manchester. It’s a lovely tribute, I love how Manchester has really got behind the worker bee as symbol of the city.


Next up is a photo of my favourite people at my birthday I have so many funny memories from this night.


July saw me travel back to Leeds (seems I can’t get enough) for some mooching and vintage shopping. I love the below photo of Sarah looking through the records with blurry busy shoppers in the background.


July ended on a high with one on my faves birthday party. It was all themed as a tropical island party. A difficult theme when ones idea of a colourful outfit is navy!

P.s not quite sure where the unicorn came from???


My next favourite photo was taken because I needed to use up the rest of the roll before the end of the month. I dragged my colleague out at lunch to take some snaps. I was so surprised when the pictures actually turned out well.


October saw me and my friend head back to Madrid and Alcala de Heneras where we lived for our year abroad. We had so much fun reminiscing in the sun.


The next photo was on a trip to visit my friend in Yorkshire. She lives in a lovely village called Firby. I love how picturesque and quiet the below image seems.


November saw me head to Uppermill and Oldham to visit a friend. I loved this walk we did by the canal.


And what would November be without the annual trip to the Rainhill beer festival. This is quite possibly the best/worst photo I have ever taken either way, it had to be included. The orb is in exactly the right place to be an eye patch, brilliant.


And last but not least, is a picture of the beautiful Manchester Christmas markets. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and a happy new year!


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