A month on 35mm film: December 2017

**DISCLAIMER may contain many blurry Christmas party pictures, sorry bout it…**

My December was jam packed full of Christmas parties and catching up with my favourites. It also brought gifts in the shape of a CD drive for my Macbook, so I can finally upload my film pictures to my computer. Hopefully, meaning the end of me trying to take pictures, of the film pictures on my phone to upload to the blog.

The month kicked off with my work Christmas party, I had a few work mates over to mine before we all teetered down to the Football Museum (odd place for a work do I know) for the party. I had such a lovely time, it made me feel really lucky, that I get to work with some amazing women.


A week later I finally visited Mackie Mayor, yes it is a bit expensive but in my opinion, well worth it for the atmosphere and quality of the food. Apparently, all the pictures I took from that night are soo blurry, this was my best attempt… I honestly only had one drink!


Next was my Christmas party #take 2 with all my immediate team. We headed on down to Grand Pacific for Christmas dinner, before dancing the night away at Cooper Hall. Shame it was on a Thursday…note to self I should’ve taken the Friday off!


After I finished work for Christmas, I headed home to be reunited with my home friends. We headed out to a George Michael tribute night at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything quite like that before. But I’m now expecting glow sticks, George Michael masks and fake snow on every night out from now on!


P.s these Topshop wide leg jeans are my absolute favourites, haven’t stopped wearing them all month.


OMG its George Michael!!!!!!!!


ohh its only Ruth 🙁


I told you there was fake snow!


My December finished on a high, spending Christmas and New Year with my family. I hope everyone had a lovely time. Bring on 2018!



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