Bushy brows 101

I am a natural Wookie at heart. I’ve always had thick eyebrows and was very happy when they came back in to fashion. However, they still need work to keep them looking more Cara Delevingne than Frieda Kahlo. I thought I’d put together a little ‘how to’ post on eyebrows for those of you looking to tame those brows.

So ahem… Quiet please class is in session

Day to day grooming

  1. Rule number one LET THEM GROW. Hide your tweezers if you must.

2. I was once told by a make up artist to not pluck my brows at all. Instead when I felt they were getting a bit out of hand, brush them up and trim the hairs that are longer than the top of the brow.

Filling in the brows

You will need…

  • A spoolie – all brow brushes were not created equal. Get a good brush that will pick up all the hair and create maximum ‘bushiness’ (that’s a word, right?)
  • A brow pencil – I find pencils easier to work with than pomade or powder and also give a more natural effect. But if you don’t like pencils I recommend Anastasia Beverly hills Dipbrow or Mac eyebrow duo
  • An eyebrow gel – this could be tinted or clear depending on what you prefer clear mascara also works well.
  • Concealer to carve out the brows – this is an optional step but essential if you want that really defined look.



The ‘I’m just off to Aldi’ brow (The everyday brow)

  1. The key to any brow is a good spoolie, brushing up your brows creates maximum fullness for creating the perfect brow. It also gets rid of any foundation that might be on your brows.


2. Next use your eyebrow product, here I’m using Sleeks Eyebrow pencil to draw a thin line under your brow this neatens up any strays to create a sleek brow.


3. Push the product up blending the line and filling in any gaps. Next go over the brow with your spoolie again to blend the product and soften the front edge of the brow.

4. The final step is to use a brow gel or clear mascara to brush over the brows and set them in place.


The ‘I’ve got 10K followers’ brow (The Ombre brow)

  1. Ahhh the ombre brow or ‘insta brow’. The key to this shape is the faded front. For this brow define the underneath further and this time draw a line on the top of the brow and fill in the whole brow with the product.


2. Next take your spoolie and focus the attention on the front of the brow take away the majority of the product. You might need to go back in and define the lower line again.

3. Finish the brow again with brow gel and voilà


The ‘I’m going out tonight’ brow (The Glam brow)

  1. My personal fave! Define the lower and upper lines of your brow further and darkern the whole brow with product.
  2. Next use your spoolie to blend the product a little but keep the intensity of the lines. Carve out the underneath of the brow with some concealer to create a really sharp line.
  3. Finish off the brow with brow gel again and a little highlighter on the arch


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