3 Months on Film… Feb/March/April 2018

You may have noticed a shortage in my month on film posts recently. If you haven’t..then…rude. If you have, however, the reason is because I broke my foot…

Unfortunately there isn’t a dramatic story to explain how I broke it. All I’ll say is that it involved a slipper, and my accident prone self.

As a result, I’ve got a bumper month on film post for you, and don’t worry it doesn’t contain any shots of my pig foot…

Let’s cast our minds back to February. I started my month off hanging out with these lovely ladies.


I visited the Whitworth Art gallery in Manchester. It’s free, and well worth a visit, they always have so many amazing exhibitions.


Next saw me off to Lock 91 for my friends engagement party. I spent the night partying/ eating the free buffet with these gorgeous gals.


Surprise surprise I took another visit to Leeds in February.


I’m obsessed with Manchester’s old mill buildings. I love the way they photograph.


March was Mr Matthew Liam Rice’s birthday. Wish I actually got a good photo, but quite like how these blurry ones turned out.


April was also Caroline’s birthday, we’d organised a surprise party for her. I’m still convinced she knew about it. She always finds out.


We had a little mini heat wave during April. I had such a lovely day chilling in the sun.


It was Record store day in Manchester, and a mini pop up festival appeared in the Northern Quarter.


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